Monkeying Around in Azrou

Azrou, Morocco Just south of Fez is a small town called Azrou. It’s situated beside the slightly more famous ski-town of Ifrane (the Switzerland of Morocco). The word ‘Azrou’ means ‘big rock’, and while there actually is a big hill-like rock in town, Azrou is more commonly known for its surrounding forests and rolling hills. The most renowned is Cedre Gouraud – a large cedar forest just east of the city center. It also happens [...]

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Hiking Toubkal | Morocco’s Highest Mountain

Imlil, Morocco Our first two weeks in Morocco were spent enjoying a variety of different landscapes. We went from the coast to the desert and later through the gorges – each of these places were so diverse and so beautiful. Now, it was time to see the mountains. The High Atlas Mountain Range curves southwest from Marrakech towards the coast. The highest mountain in this range (and the highest peak in all of Northern Africa) [...]

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Hiking Morocco’s Gorges

Morocco is home to some wild and incredible landscapes. From beaches, forests, mountains, and deserts, this country really has it all. Mac and I settled down for some good old fashioned exploring and adventuring in the gorges region of Morocco. Just north of the Draa Valley, and a few hours east of Ouarzazate, the small towns of Boumalne Dades and Tinghir are the gateways to the incredible natural Moroccan wonders. We based ourselves in this [...]

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Hiking on La Gomera

Apologies for the radio silence these past few weeks. Between slow/non-existent internet and a jam-packed schedule, there was hardly any time to write this post and edit these photos (and there are a LOT!) from our time hiking on La Gomera. Hope the delay is worth it! This tiny island is so beautiful and we did some of the best hikes there. Enjoy! La Gomera, Canary Islands Though it’s only an hour ferry ride from [...]

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Hiking on Tenerife

The island of Tenerife is so much more than a bustling European tourist getaway. Sure it has beaches, but it’s also full of incredible hiking trails. Mac and I were fortunate enough to do three ultra-amazing hikes on this island. As a result, I can 100% confirm that hiking on Tenerife is spectacular and awe-inspiring. Ready to be woo-ed by some mountain photos?! Good! Because there are a LOT! Hiking on Tenerife Barranco del Infierno [...]

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3 Hikes in Sierra Nevada

I love walking through city streets; getting lost down narrow alleyways, grabbing a bite to eat at a cafe bursting with locals and admiring the pace of life, and getting a glimpse of the domestic cogs that make the city-life wheel turn. Cities are great places to really get a perspective of the culture of wherever you’re visiting. That being said, I will always love getting out in nature and going for a good, long [...]

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House Sitting in Benalmadena

Benalmádena, Spain At the end of November, Mac and I embarked on an idyllic almost three-week adventure of house sitting in Benalmadena. The four month old kitten we looked after was cute, spunky, and so cuddly! The apartment in which we stayed had an awesome view of the Plaza below. The view to the right was Monte Calamorro, and to the left was the Mediterranean Sea. The sunsets were unlike any other I’ve seen before. [...]

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Why I Loved Alicante

Alicante, Spain After a brief stay in Valencia we headed to the southern coastal town of Alicante. Admittedly, we didn’t have much of an idea of what to do in Alicante. Visiting this city was a passing suggestion by a fellow traveller. For us, it was the equivalent of covering our eyes and blindly pointing at a spot on the map. Regardless of how we ended up there, I actually ended up really enjoying the [...]

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