Six Months of Travel – A Recap

It’s hard to believe that Mac and I have been traveling for half a year now! Since we left Canada on a cold & snowy day in the beginning of January, we’ve seen & done a LOT! I thought it’d be fun to recap our six months of travel thus far and to see what’s changed since we started! Numbers Breakdown Continents: 2 - North & South America Countries: 7 – Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, [...]

What’s In A Bag: Miscellaneous

As I mentioned in both mine and Mac’s backpack breakdowns, we’ll be carrying a lot more than just clothes. Because we’ll be in countries that potentially won’t have access to certain medicines etc, we’re being prepared and essentially bringing anything and everything for any possible type of ailment that could ever occur. Ever. Alongside the medicines, we also have a fair amount of electronics and miscellaneous items. Medications Prescriptions Co-azithromycin (for travelers diarrhea) Teva-chloroquine (malaria [...]

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What’s In A Bag: His Pack

As a somewhat seasoned traveler already, Mac didn’t need as much help in the packing department as I did (I’m looking at you, 3 extra t-shirts that I was hell-bent on bringing…). That being said, I was able to convince him to toss his super-bulky fleece and replace it with a much more manageable & versatile zip-up sweater and long sleeve t-shirt (I’ll take my victories where I can get them!). Complete Packing List: Tops 2 [...]

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What’s In A Bag: Her Pack

As a chronic over-packer, I was somewhat leery about the thought of living out of a backpack for the foreseeable future. Prior to packing my own bag, I read every RTW Packing List I could get my hands on. I came out on the other side with some tips & tricks and a better understanding about what I should/shouldn’t be bringing with me. I’d be lying if I said this was a painless process and [...]

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The Search for a Backpack

One of the major purchases I needed to make for our trip was a backpack. This accessory will essentially be my home while we travel, so it has to fit some key requirements. I wanted a pack that is: light, functional (different-sized pockets are a plus), durable, and (probably most importantly) comfortable. So Mac and I headed to MEC with the hopes of finding the perfect pack. The above picture was only one of many [...]

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