How to Reduce Plastic Waste | Small Steps

I saw a video  today about how our oceans are slowly becoming contaminated with tiny bits of plastic. In fact, there is a zone in the ocean approximately the size of TEXAS that is comprised of floating bits of plastic. It’s estimated that by 2050 there will be more plastic than fish by weight in the ocean. That’s only 33 years from now.

Did you know? Plastic does not biodegrade or decompose. Every single piece of […]

Bulk Barn’s Reusable Container Program

A few months ago, Bulk Barn introduced their Reusable Container Program to all stores nation-wide. What is the Reusable Container Program, you ask? Well, it’s actually very exciting! (Well, for me at least – as someone who is constantly looking to reduce their plastic waste!) Essentially, you bring in your own containers from home and use them instead of Bulk Barn’s plastic bags to gather your bulk goodies.

Before you start participating in this Reusable Container […]

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