Road Trip Snacks

Now that summer is in full swing, weekends away are quickly being booked up with the inevitable road trip. I’m not a person that deals with sudden hunger pangs well, so having snacks on hand is essential! A few weekends ago we had a 3+ hour long car ride ahead of us, so I spent two hours in the kitchen to whip up these five road trip snacks for the journey. I thought I’d share […]

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My First Foray Into Catering

Last week, my co-worker Kelly asked me to help her with the catering for a dinner party for her aunt. Sounds fun, right? Well, the dinner party was for 40 people!! Fortunately, Kelly used to work in the catering business, so she knew just where to start in terms of menu planning & grocery shopping. Since this was such a big party, she needed some extra hands to help with cooking & I was more […]

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Vegan Eating in Wellington

Wellington, NZ
Having lived in Auckland for ~4 months now, I’m pretty in tune with the vegan scene here. In a word, it’s awesome. There are so many vegetarian & vegan cafes, with heaps of restaurants offering fantastic vegan options. I was excited for my visit to Wellington to see how a smaller city compared to Auckland. Vegan eating in Wellington was shockingly easy & I was definitely NOT disappointed!
The first restaurant we visited was Havana. […]

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My Go To Food Blogs for Recipe Inspiration

It’s no surprise that I love to cook. I’m always trying to create new dishes with different flavour combinations, or experimenting with new-to-me ingredients. When I first went vegan in October 2013, I relied heavily on food blogs for new & creative recipes, as well as for inspiration in the kitchen. I’ve rounded up 9 of my go-to food blogs for recipe inspiration where I can usually be guaranteed to find what I’m looking for! Happy cooking!

Minimalist Baker
Dana & John […]

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Being Vegan in Auckland

Auckland, New Zealand
After spending 9 months in Central & South America where a large portion of the food options are deep fried, and very meat-heavy, I was excited to come to New Zealand where I imagined the food-culture to be a bit more appreciative of the vegan lifestyle. I’m happy to report that I was correct! Being vegan in Auckland is a breeze! Right in the central business district (CBD), one can find a plethora […]

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A Delicious Kiwi Christmas

Auckland, NZ
I’ll admit that it was pretty hard to get into the idea of a Kiwi Christmas here in New Zealand. Sure, the grocery stores had Christmas displays, and were playing carols on repeat, but the warm temperatures and the fact that palm trees line our street just didn’t jive with my idea of the Christmas season. Luckily that feeling faded away as the 25th approached. Mac’s parents arrived in Auckland (Mac hadn’t seen them since Little […]

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Vegan Eating in Bolivia

Copacabana; La Paz; & Sucre, Bolivia
Though nothing can quite compare to the vegan haven of Peru, Bolivia sure came close! Due to lack of kitchens at the places we stayed in both Copacabana, & La Paz, Mac & I found ourselves eating out a fair bit. Fortunately we found some great restaurants with tonnes of vegan options proving that vegan eating in Bolivia was a synch!
Kala Uta is a 100% vegetarian restaurant on the main […]

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Vegan Eating in Peru

Cusco; Lima; Arequipa; & Puno, Peru
Oh boy! Vegan eating in Peru was heaven! In each city we visited, there were hoards of vegan options and even several vegan/vegetarian restaurants!

Cusco was probably the one of the best cities for eating vegan. With our rounds of visitors (my friend, E coming from Canada, and Mac’s cousin Bree & her husband Brett coming from the States), we didn’t cook for ourselves much (at all), which meant that we found […]

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