Recent Eats: 3 Easy Vegan Dinners

We’re all busy. And when 6pm rolls around and you have no desire to spend hours  in the kitchen, this post is for you. Maybe you’re keen to eat some more veggie-centric meals and just don’t know where to start. Or maybe you’re in a cooking rut and want some inspiration. Either way, here are 3 Easy Vegan Dinners I’ve made recently that are all quick, easy, delicious, and satisfying! Let me know if you end […]

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Mix n Match Dinner Bowls

Recently Mac & I had some friends over for dinner. I didn’t really know what to make, so I ended up whipping up a bunch of things, piling them all together in a bowl, and calling it dinner! Mix n Match Dinner Bowls to be precise!

The above picture was of my leftovers the following day. Don’t worry, we do actually serve food to our friends & guests in proper bowls & plates and not Tupperware!

Whether […]

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Vegan Supper Club: Oh She Glows Everyday

Vegan Supper Club #7
If you read my blog before I went travelling, you might remember the Vegan Supper Clubs that my friend Chelsea and I used to have. We did them monthly for 6 months! Now that I’m home, we were quick to resume one of our favourite activities: cooking together!
Oh She Glows Every Day
For our first vegan supper club this season we decided to cook recipes from Angela’s new cookbook, Oh She Glows Every Day. […]

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International Year of Pulses

Did you hear? 2016 has been dubbed the international year of pulses by the United Nations! Now, you may be thinking, (1) what exactly is a ‘pulse’, & (2) why is this important? Well, let me break it down for you. And afterwards, I’ll be sharing some recipes that you can use to include more pulses in your diet!

Pulses (or, grain legumes) are a family of edible crops including lentils, chickpeas, dried beans, & dried peas. […]

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A Delicious Kiwi Christmas

Auckland, NZ
I’ll admit that it was pretty hard to get into the idea of a Kiwi Christmas here in New Zealand. Sure, the grocery stores had Christmas displays, and were playing carols on repeat, but the warm temperatures and the fact that palm trees line our street just didn’t jive with my idea of the Christmas season. Luckily that feeling faded away as the 25th approached. Mac’s parents arrived in Auckland (Mac hadn’t seen them since Little […]

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Aquafaba & Vegan Meringue

Have you heard about aquafaba yet? It’s been taking the internet by storm this past year. If you have yet to hear about this wonderful product, lemme break it down for ya!
Aquafaba is essentially a made up word coming from the root words ‘aqua’ meaning water, and ‘faba’ meaning bean. Soooo… aquafaba is bean water! More precisely, it’s the liquid or brine in cans of beans (the most commonly used is chickpea). Gross I know, […]

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Overcoming Fears in the Kitchen

For the longest time, I’ve had a somewhat irrational fear of using yeast in baking recipes. My main concern was always that the yeast was old or stale and wouldn’t work and the recipe that I’d have been so looking forward to making would have to be put on hold AND I’d have wasted all those ingredients! Like I said, it’s an irrational fear. But I’m happy to report that I conquered it this past […]

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Other People’s Recipes: Pumpkin!

It’s Fall. It’s October. It’s the season of all things pumpkin. Though it’s only the beginning of the month, I have no doubt that this is only the start of what is sure to be a pumpkin-filled few weeks.

As I mentioned in my CSA Recap post, I got a sugar (pie) pumpkin in my first CSA Box. AND one of my co-workers came in with some sugar pumpkins he picked up from a road-side stand […]

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