A Guide for Going Vegan

Hey! Congratulations! You’ve decided to reduce or eliminate animal products from your life. Welcome to the green side Whether you watched a documentary, read a book, or heard from a friend, the benefits of going vegan or plant-based are undeniable. But we’re not going to get into that today. My hope is that this guide for going vegan will help to make the transition to a herbivore just a little bit easier and less […]

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How to get from Puno, Peru to Copacabana, Bolivia

Take a mototaxi to Terminal Zonal (not the more popular Terminal Terrestre). From there, get on a minibus to Yunguyo.

Cost: 2 soles ($0.60USD) for the mototaxi. 16 soles ($5.25USD) for the minibus.
Time: 2 hours from Puno to Yunguyo.

Once in Yunguyo, make your way to the Plaza de Armas (here is a good place to try and change money from soles to bolivianos. You’ll get a much better rate here than you will at the border […]

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