Bridal Shower Desserts

This past Sunday I was honoured to do another catering gig. This time it was for a friend’s bridal shower! Knowing how much I love to cook and bake, my friend got me in touch with her mom and arranged for me to cater her bridal shower desserts. There were about 30 guests, and there was fruit & veggie platters, as well as samosas & spring rolls in addition to my desserts!

Bridal Shower Desserts
I made […]

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Centro Garden Market

Burlington, ON
Oh! Hey, there! It’s been a while. Sorry about that. I’ve missed blogging and I’m hoping to get back into it on a regular-ish basis from now on. I got caught up in the comparison trap; my photos weren’t ‘blog-worthy’, my ramblings weren’t interesting etc. But I’ve decided that I enjoy having this space to connect with others, and to share interesting tidbits of my life – whether that includes cooking & baking, gardening […]

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When in Wellington…

Wellington, NZ
After hiking the Queen Charlotte Track, Mac & I discovered that we had hiked 12 out of the 16 days so far in June – therefore, it was time for a long & much-needed rest! We took the ferry from Picton to Wellington where we chose to spend a few days indulging and resting our tired bodies. And indulge we did!

Having hiked over 150km in the previous 16 days our feet were in dire […]

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Going Away Party

This past weekend we had a going away party at our apartment. Our place isn’t exactly what you’d call spacious, so Mac and I had originally been worried about how many people would show up/fit. Luckily we had nothing to worry about and we all had a fantastic time! About 20 of our close friends showed up and we partied the night away (literally – I went to bed at 3:30am. I can’t remember the […]

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