CSA Box: Week 10

CSA Box #10 | March 1
This week’s CSA Box was supposed to be the last installment of Mac’s & my subscription to bi-weekly local & organic produce from Plan B Organic Farms. However, since we love getting these fresh veggies every other week, we’ve decided to extend our subscription another 10 weeks!
Week 10 Haul:

Item Breakdown:

Living summer lettuce
1 butternut squash
Living pea tenders
8 potatoes
8 apples
2 parsnips
21 shiitake mushrooms
2 sweet […]

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CSA Box: Week 2

CSA Box #2 | October 26
Well, two weeks have passed and it’s time for another CSA Box! It was quite dark when I went to get the produce from my CSA Box, but it was really fun & unexpected to see the rainbow of vegetables when I opened the lid!

Week 2 Haul:

Item Breakdown:

3 red onions
7 sweet potatoes
3 tomatoes
1 bunch kale
1 head garlic
2 daikon radishes
1 head cauliflower
1 head […]

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Other People’s Recipes: The Last CSA Box

Things are getting pretty crazy these days. Today marks my last day of work. This coming weekend will be full of packing and a family Christmas dinner. Monday & Tuesday will be dedicated to boxing up the contents of our lives and moving them into a storage unit. The days afterwards will be filled with Christmas cheer and joyous family gatherings. Later on, we’ll be gearing up for New Year’s Eve. Then, when the holidays […]

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CSA Recap: Week 5

Unfortunately, this week marks the last of my CSA Boxes. My one and only complaint with Plan B Organic Farms is that you can only fill your account balances with set amounts of money. Because of this, the credits that I purchased in September are now used up and the minimum amount that I can buy is too much given that I won’t be here in a month. So, here’s a recap of my last […]

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CSA Recap: Week 4

As I mentioned last week, I deferred my CSA Box #3 by a week, but kept my original bi-weekly schedule so I actually received two boxes in two weeks! Upon opening this week’s box, I was instantly reminded why I stuck to a bi-weekly delivery in the first place – there is so much food! Mac & I are still trying to work our way through the contents of last week’s box! I’m glad we […]

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CSA Recap: Week 3

I was out of town last week, so I deferred my third box to this week. Grocery shopping is a favourite hobby of mine (not ashamed), but I was happy to see the return of an abundance of local & organic veggies.

My first thoughts when I opened the box were: “Green!!” and “Purple!!” Followed shortly by, “What the heck is that thing in the top left corner?!”
Week 3 Haul:

Item Breakdown:

Based on weight, this week I […]

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CSA Recap: Week 2

I was just about to finish the last of my previous CSA Box, and before I knew it, it was time for a new one with a whole whack-load (technical term) of (local and organic) produce!

This box is deep and is hiding the copious amounts of carrots I received.
Week 2 Haul:

Item Breakdown:

This week was pretty comparable to last week. I got two more items, but the total weight was a bit less (6.02kg vs 6.2kg […]

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CSA Recap: Week 1

For the past few years that I’ve been in Burlington, I’ve worked out a routine that allows me to support local farmers while still taking advantage of all the in-season produce. In the summer, I frequent the two farmers’ markets in the area and during the fall & winter months I sign up for a CSA Share. For those unfamiliar, CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. At the beginning of the season, you sign up […]

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