My First Foray Into Catering

Last week, my co-worker Kelly asked me to help her with the catering for a dinner party for her aunt. Sounds fun, right? Well, the dinner party was for 40 people!! Fortunately, Kelly used to work in the catering business, so she knew just where to start in terms of menu planning & grocery shopping. Since this was such a big party, she needed some extra hands to help with cooking & I was more […]

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A Vegan Birthday Feast!

A Vegan Birthday Feast
Last week was my birthday! I’ve been out of the country for my past two birthdays (2015 in Colombia, and 2016 in NZ). So this year, I wasn’t going to pass up an opportunity to celebrate here at home. In true Tracey fashion, I opted to provide a vegan birthday feast in exchange for a fun afternoon with friends! I picked my ‘menu’ items based on a few things: ease of preparation, […]

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Vegan Supper Club: Cook our Books

Vegan Supper Club #11
Chelsea and I have many obsessions in common: cooking, reading about food, making food, eating food… most things food related, actually. We also have a big obsession for cookbooks. With so many of our favourite bloggers-turned-cookbook-authors out there now, it’s easy to get carried away establish a refined collection of swoon-worthy cookbooks. It’s also relatively easy to let them collect dust and turn to Pintrest or Instagram for meal ideas instead. That’s […]

Vegan Supper Club: Fine Dining at Home

Vegan Supper Club #10 | Fine Dining at Home
Though the components of this meal were somewhat haphazardly & randomly decided upon, they came together in such a way that made our simple Saturday night dinner seem sophisticated and restaurant worthy. Yes, this tenth (!!) edition of Chelsea’s & my Vegan Supper Club might go down as one of the best ones yet!
Starter: Super Slaw
For the salad portion of our meal, we made the Super Slaw […]

Vegan Supper Club: Brunch Edition

Vegan Supper Club #9
Well, it took some aligning of chaotic schedules, but Chelsea and I managed to squeeze in one last Vegan Supper Club for 2016! We strayed from our usual dinner themes and instead opted to make a hefty & hearty brunch!
Brunch Time!
We started off with an old-time favourite: Oh She Glows’ Best Shredded Kale Salad. I’m usually one to overload my salads with every type of vegetable to make a discombobulated mess of […]

Vegan Supper Club: Fall Comforts

Vegan Supper Club #8
Another month, another supper club! Chelsea and I were at it again, and this time our Vegan Supper Club was all about the flavours and comforts of fall.

My apologies for the dark & dismal photo quality. Although the flavours of fall are delightful, the early sunsets and associated dark lighting are not. Especially when paired with my less than stellar phone camera.
Fall Comforts
To start the meal off, we made Grilled Miso Apples […]

Vegan Supper Club: Oh She Glows Everyday

Vegan Supper Club #7
If you read my blog before I went travelling, you might remember the Vegan Supper Clubs that my friend Chelsea and I used to have. We did them monthly for 6 months! Now that I’m home, we were quick to resume one of our favourite activities: cooking together!
Oh She Glows Every Day
For our first vegan supper club this season we decided to cook recipes from Angela’s new cookbook, Oh She Glows Every Day. […]

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