2017 Book List

2017 Book List
Another year gone, another book list to compile! I didn’t read as many books in 2017 as previous years, but the quality of the book selection was top notch. I even garnered a new favourite book! (And that’s saying a LOT for this book worm!). As you can see, I really got into biographies and memoirs last year. I’m looking to continue the trend this year. First on my list is Hilary Clinton’s […]

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2016 Book List

I had so much fun compiling last years book list, that I couldn’t resist doing a new post for my 2016 Book List. I read 53 books in 2016 and I feel like I did a good job of covering a broad range of topics & genres! This was mostly due to the fact that we spent 3+ months road tripping around New Zealand and I had access to various hostels’ “give one take one” […]

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2015 Book List

While traveling, we occasionally found ourselves with a bit of downtime. Whether it be on long bus journeys, cooped up in bed with a bad case of a stomach bug, or hunkering down inside while it rained for 9 days straight, I would use these times to curl up with a good book. I’ve long been a fan of reading, and I can even remember perching up on my Nana’s knees to read with her […]

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