Backpacking in Lion’s Head

Lion’s Head, Ontario
Since a few months had passed since our last backpacking trip (to Algonquin Provincial Park), Mac & I felt it was time for another adventure! We had heard great things about Backpacking in Lion’s Head and decided to head up there for a 2 day/1 night trek!

Lion’s Head is about a 3 hour drive from Burlington on the Bruce Peninsula. The Provincial Park juts out into Georgian Bay. In the summer the Bruce […]

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Homemade Vegan Backpacking Meals

Our recent hiking trip to the Western Uplands in Algonquin park was such an adventure. It was our first time really hiking & backpacking in Canada. We had done our fair share in NZ, so it was awesome to finally do it on the home turf. It was also an adventure because put together most of our food from scratch. In NZ we mainly stuck with couscous and ramen noodles (yes, I’m cringing too), but […]

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Western Uplands Trail | Algonquin Park

Algonquin Provincial Park, Ontario
It had been a while since Mac and I flexed our hiking muscles. We decided to rectify that by going on a 5 day/4 night backpacking trek through the Western Uplands Trail (WUT) in Algonquin Provincial Park! The WUT is located just off Hwy 60 on the west side of Algonquin Park. There are 3 loops you can do, ranging in distance from 32km, 56km, to 88km. Mac and I opted to […]

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Big Trip Summary & Statistics: Month #4

I’m a little late posting this, seeing as how Mac and I are more than three-quarters of the way through our fifth month, but better late than never!

Numbers Breakdown
Number of Countries: 3 – Colombia, Ecuador & Peru

Number of Cities/Regions: 12 – Minca, Bogota, Cali, San Agustin, Mocoa, Lago Agrio, Cuyabeno Jungle, Banos, Puerto Lopez, Salinas, Machala, Mancora

Number of Beds Slept In: 14 (Including 2 overnight buses!)

Number of Borders Crossed: 2

Number of Snakes Seen: 3 – […]

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Southern Colombia

Cali & Mocoa, Colombia
After Bogota, Mac and I weren’t really sure how we wanted to spend the remainder of our time in Colombia. We knew we had to work our way south to Ecuador, so the natural option was to go to Cali. We took our first overnight bus from Bogota to Cali (9.5 hours!) and stayed in the city for 2 nights. Known for being the salsa capital of the world, we did indulge […]

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How to get from Mocoa, Colombia to Ecuador {Lago Agrio Border Crossing}

Mocoa, Colombia
There are two border crossings from Colombia to Ecuador. The main one is Ipiales, Colombia to Tulcan, Ecuador. Ipiales is 2 hours south of Pasto, which is about 5 hours south of Popayan. Quito, Ecuador is another 4.5 hours from Tulcan. This crossing is the more popular of the two and is known for being quite safe and reliable.

When Mac and I found ourselves in Mocoa, we learned of another border crossing. Just 5 […]

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Big Trip Summary & Statistics: Month #3

I guess this recap could be considered a quarterly review since we’re now at 3 months of travel! I’ll leave that sort of post for another day though, and just focus on our latest 30 days of travel for now. Month number three marked the end of one continent and the beginning of another – South America! Our time was spent mostly in Panama with a few days in Colombia.

Numbers Breakdown
Number of Countries: 2 – […]

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Panama Overview & Where to Stay

Let’s just get one thing clear. I LOVED PANAMA!!!! From beaches to mountains to big city living, this country has it all. Though not as cheap as Nicaragua, it’s definitely a lot less expensive than Costa Rica. As you’ll see below, we really reigned in our spendings during our time in Panama. This wasn’t really even intentional, but we did do a few things differently in this country.

Food: something that we really excelled in was […]