As I’m writing this, it’s almost 6pm on the night before Mac & I leave for our Big Adventure. I’m still in my pyjamas. I haven’t been outside all day. I also haven’t showered yet. BUT! Our bags are (99%) packed, and we’re (99%) ready to go. We’re leaving on a jet plane tomorrow and I think we just might be ready for it.

10 days ago, I wrote my last to do list. Today, I’m […]

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Other People’s Recipes: Christmas Mains

Things are getting pretty crazy over here. Mac and I leave in TWO days, so naturally my head is spinning and my heart is fluttering non-stop. Yesterday, we knocked a mega-important thing off our to-do list which felt really great (and it means that we finally know where we’re going to be staying when we arrive in Nicaragua on Thursday night! Phew!). Today and tomorrow will consist mainly of packing (and re-packing after Mac tells […]

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Reflections on 2014 and Looking Ahead to 2015

Mac and I rang in the New Year of 2015 with the same beautiful people from our 2014 celebrations. Last year, we flew to Florida to visit Maclean’s cousin and aunt where we enjoyed hot weather & sunshine at the beach on January 2nd. This year, the same cousin & aunt were visiting Rochester, NY, so again we went to see them! On this year’s January 2nd, we were greeted with grey skies, snow and […]

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Pre-Trip To Do List: 10 Days To Go!

My last update was on December 9th, and since then my whole life has been flipped, turned upside down (Fresh Prince of Bel Air style). I had my last day of work after 3.5 years with the same, great company; Mac and I moved our stuff out of our apartment and into a storage unit; I sold my car; Christmas happened (along with 5 separate family gatherings); and we’re getting ready to go to New […]

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The Search for a Backpack

One of the major purchases I needed to make for our trip was a backpack. This accessory will essentially be my home while we travel, so it has to fit some key requirements. I wanted a pack that is: light, functional (different-sized pockets are a plus), durable, and (probably most importantly) comfortable. So Mac and I headed to MEC with the hopes of finding the perfect pack.

The above picture was only one of many walls […]

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Going Away Party

This past weekend we had a going away party at our apartment. Our place isn’t exactly what you’d call spacious, so Mac and I had originally been worried about how many people would show up/fit. Luckily we had nothing to worry about and we all had a fantastic time! About 20 of our close friends showed up and we partied the night away (literally – I went to bed at 3:30am. I can’t remember the […]

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Pre-Trip To Do List: One Month To Go!

A lot has happened since my last to-do list! As is typical with all to-do lists, for every item we crossed off, it seemed like we added two more! We’re getting into the home stretch now as today marks exactly one month until lift off!

I’m confident that we’ll get all of these things crossed off our list by the time we go! (confident = fairlyyy certain with only a teensy tiny bit of apprehension). [Items […]

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Habla Español?

Learning Spanish
Mac already has a fairly decent working knowledge of Spanish, but my skills are less than stellar. Considering we’re going to be spending about 5-6 months in Spanish-speaking countries, I figured it was time to rectify that.
My commute to work is about 20 minutes each way so I’ve been taking advantage of that time by listening to Spanish teaching podcasts!
The first one I found was Coffee Break Spanish. This podcast is hosted by two […]

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