Big Trip Summary & Statistics: ONE YEAR

One Year
Wow. 1 year. 52 weeks. 365 days. 525,600 minutesssss (cue Rent song…). January 8th, 2016 marks exactly one year since Mac & I left the Great White North for Managua, Nicaragua and since then we’ve seen & done some pretty cool things. Here are some stats I put together to recap our year of travel!
By the Numbers
Number of Continents: 3 – North & South America, Oceania

Number of Countries: 9 – Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, […]

Six Months of Travel – A Recap

It’s hard to believe that Mac and I have been traveling for half a year now! Since we left Canada on a cold & snowy day in the beginning of January, we’ve seen & done a LOT! I thought it’d be fun to recap our six months of travel thus far and to see what’s changed since we started!
Numbers Breakdown
Continents: 2 – North & South America

Countries: 7 – Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, […]

Vegan Eating in Peru

Cusco; Lima; Arequipa; & Puno, Peru
Oh boy! Vegan eating in Peru was heaven! In each city we visited, there were hoards of vegan options and even several vegan/vegetarian restaurants!

Cusco was probably the one of the best cities for eating vegan. With our rounds of visitors (my friend, E coming from Canada, and Mac’s cousin Bree & her husband Brett coming from the States), we didn’t cook for ourselves much (at all), which meant that we found […]

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Peru Overview & Where to Stay

Let’s just pretend that this post isn’t completely out of order and not 2 months late, shall we? Ok, good! Moving on…

Oh, how I loved Peru. Though I myself only spent time in the lower half of the country, the cities we visited there were so exciting and vibrant that I couldn’t help but fall in love with the area. Mac spent a total of 35 days in the country, and I spent a […]

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Tips for Taking Overnight Buses in Peru

Prior to traveling, the thought of taking overnight buses was often met with fear & anxiety. Everyone’s heard the horror stories of buses falling off cliffs, nasty things happening with not so awesome drivers and the like. After comparing the cost of overnight buses to flying however, penny pinching won out in the end and Mac & I have been overnight bus aficionados ever since! Our first overnight bus was in Colombia from Bogota to […]

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How to get from Puno, Peru to Copacabana, Bolivia

Take a mototaxi to Terminal Zonal (not the more popular Terminal Terrestre). From there, get on a minibus to Yunguyo.

Cost: 2 soles ($0.60USD) for the mototaxi. 16 soles ($5.25USD) for the minibus.
Time: 2 hours from Puno to Yunguyo.

Once in Yunguyo, make your way to the Plaza de Armas (here is a good place to try and change money from soles to bolivianos. You’ll get a much better rate here than you will at the border […]

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Big Trip Summary & Statistics: Month #5

Wow! Month #5 was a crazy one!! Mac and I were apart for the first time in 4 solid months for a week while I was back at home. When I did return to South America, I did so with one of my best friends in tow! E & I met Mac in Puerto Maldonado where we did a 3 day/2 night jungle tour of the Tambopata Nature Reserve. Afterwards, we headed to Cusco where […]

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Colca Canyon Day Trip

Arequipa, Peru
After touring around Cusco, Bree, Brett, Mac, & I set off to Arequipa for the final few days of Bree & Brett’s trip. Similar to the city we had just left, Arequipa was in full swing for Corpus Christi celebrations. Groups from different churches, schools & communities gathered in the main square to create huge murals with what looked like paper mache. It was incredible to see the amount of work that went into […]

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