Vegan Food Fair 2016

Vegan Food Fair, Auckland, NZ
This past Sunday was a good one in Auckland! Why, you ask? Well dear readers, it was the inaugural Vegan Food Fair! This is exactly what you’d expect. Picture your standard food fair, but everything is vegan! Or, Tracey’s dream come true!

This event started on Facebook with an idea to get a few of the vegan food vendors in the city together for a fun day of food. The interest soon […]

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Weekend Walkabouts: Devonport

Devonport, Auckland, NZ
This past weekend, Mac & I had a fun little day trip to nearby Devonport. This suburb is situated on Auckland’s north shore separated from the CBD by the harbour. You can take the long way around the harbour by going across the bridge and then down through Takapuna via car or bus, or you can take the 12 minute ferry ride! Mac and I opted for the latter and we enjoyed walking […]

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Weekend Walkabouts: The Pinnacles

The Pinnacles, Coromandel Peninsula, NZ
Mission accomplished!, Mac & I said to ourselves high-fiving, as we returned to the car just 8 hours (and 16km!) after leaving it. During that time, we had done the famous trek to the Pinnacles – the highest peak of the Coromandel Peninsula. This trek took us through many different microclimates (lush forests, damp ‘jungle’-esque trees, dry & sandy trails), and eventually up to an elevation of 759m – to the […]

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Auckland Lantern Festival – A Photo Essay

Auckland, NZ
For the past 15 years, Auckland has celebrated the Chinese New Year by hosting a huge lantern festival in Albert Park, located downtown in the CBD. Because the Auckland Lantern Festival is so popular, it was moved to a much bigger park this year – the Auckland Domain – to accommodate the crowds. Mac & I went on the last day, Sunday, and though we were blown away by the number of people (seriously! […]

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Auckland in a Day (Piha, SkyTower & Hectors)

Auckland, NZ
Seeing Auckland in a day may seem overwhelming, but not when you have a game plan! Mac & I have developed some favourite places here in Auckland, so when family comes to visit, we’re able to narrow down the vast options of things to do fairly easily. Though a busy & bustling city, Auckland is surrounded by regional parks & beaches which are perfect spots for day trips. Following a day at the beach, […]

Wine & Waiheke!

Waiheke Island, Auckland, NZ
Waiheke Island is somewhere that Mac & I have been saying we’ll visit, but having lived in Auckland for over 4 months now, the fact that we STILL haven’t gone is a tad ridiculous. Enter: family visit!! PERFECT excuse to go! Waiheke is an island separating the Hauraki Gulf from Auckland, and is only a 40 minute ferry ride from the Auckland ferry terminal (located right downtown). It’s known for its vineyards […]

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Recapping January

Throughout our travels, I really enjoyed putting together the “Big Trip Monthly Summary and Statistics” posts. It was a fun way for me to reflect back on the last month that Mac & I had spent roaming around. Although our current lifestyle is very different nowadays, I wanted to continue the trend this year. Starting with: recapping January!
Here’s what I posted on the blog this month:

Being Vegan in Auckland

2015 Book List

Big Trip Summary & Statistics: […]

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Weekend Walkabouts: Rangitoto Island

Auckland, NZ
Mac & I have lately been comparing our travel style from when we were backpacking through Central & South America, to our current lifestyle living in Auckland. On the road, we wouldn’t hesitate to do a full day of wandering around a city or doing a tour, then waking up early to catch a bus or ferry to do something new the next day. Nowadays however, we tend to savour our weekends and opt […]

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