A Vegan Birthday Feast!

A Vegan Birthday Feast
Last week was my birthday! I’ve been out of the country for my past two birthdays (2015 in Colombia, and 2016 in NZ). So this year, I wasn’t going to pass up an opportunity to celebrate here at home. In true Tracey fashion, I opted to provide a vegan birthday feast in exchange for a fun afternoon with friends! I picked my ‘menu’ items based on a few things: ease of preparation, […]

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2016 Recap

Around this time last year, I put together a recap of 2015 and our ‘Big Trip’ adventures (coincidentally, it also marked our 1 year travel anniversary!). This 2016 Recap (marking 2 years since we first flew to Nicaragua!), started in Auckland, NZ where we set up residence after flying there from Chile.  After living in Auckland for a few months, we packed up again and set off on an epic road trip of New Zealand. We […]

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2016 Book List

I had so much fun compiling last years book list, that I couldn’t resist doing a new post for my 2016 Book List. I read 53 books in 2016 and I feel like I did a good job of covering a broad range of topics & genres! This was mostly due to the fact that we spent 3+ months road tripping around New Zealand and I had access to various hostels’ “give one take one” […]

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Chasing Waterfalls | Dundas Hikes

Though Hamilton is often heralded as the City of Waterfalls, Dundas has some pretty good ones too! These two Dundas hikes are great places to spend a morning or afternoon. Plus, there are incredible waterfalls! What more could you ask for?
Borer’s Falls
On a shared day off, two coworkers and I ventured out to Borer’s Falls Conservation Area. The car park for the trail head is at Valley Road & York Road – about 5 minutes west […]

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Burlington Hikes: Smokey Hollow

Waterdown is a small down north of Burlington and is home to Smokey Hollow. Smokey Hollow was named in the 1800’s during the Industrial Revolution when mills dominated the area often creating plumes of smoke that would rise from the hollow of the valley.
Smokey Hollow Walk
Great Falls & The Bruce Trail
The waterfall that powered these mills – Great Falls – was the starting point for the hike that a co-worker and I recently did! The […]

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CSA Box: Week 2

CSA Box #2 | October 26
Well, two weeks have passed and it’s time for another CSA Box! It was quite dark when I went to get the produce from my CSA Box, but it was really fun & unexpected to see the rainbow of vegetables when I opened the lid!

Week 2 Haul:

Item Breakdown:

3 red onions
7 sweet potatoes
3 tomatoes
1 bunch kale
1 head garlic
2 daikon radishes
1 head cauliflower
1 head […]

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Burlington Hikes: Kerncliff Park

On our road trip around New Zealand, I unearthed a new passion: hiking. I mean, it’s not really that surprising – NZ is absolutely bursting with extremely well-maintained trails and tracks so it’s almost impossible not to become totally enamoured with the sport of hiking. Now that we’re home, the outdoors are calling my name once again. The GTA may not be surrounded by snow-capped mountains or pristine & untouched lakes, but there are trails […]

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Life Update & Future Blog Posts

Well hi there! That was a little longer of a break between posts than I anticipated, but here I am! In my last post I recapped what Mac & I got up to this summer, but I figured since it’s autumn now (whaaaatt??!?), it was time for another life update. Despite our summer weekends being fairly busy, our weekdays were a little more low key. We spent the majority of our nights (and days!)  at […]

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