Big Trip Summary & Statistics: ONE YEAR

One Year
Wow. 1 year. 52 weeks. 365 days. 525,600 minutesssss (cue Rent song…). January 8th, 2016 marks exactly one year since Mac & I left the Great White North for Managua, Nicaragua and since then we’ve seen & done some pretty cool things. Here are some stats I put together to recap our year of travel!
By the Numbers
Number of Continents: 3 – North & South America, Oceania

Number of Countries: 9 – Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, […]

Vegan Eating in Bolivia

Copacabana; La Paz; & Sucre, Bolivia
Though nothing can quite compare to the vegan haven of Peru, Bolivia sure came close! Due to lack of kitchens at the places we stayed in both Copacabana, & La Paz, Mac & I found ourselves eating out a fair bit. Fortunately we found some great restaurants with tonnes of vegan options proving that vegan eating in Bolivia was a synch!
Kala Uta is a 100% vegetarian restaurant on the main […]

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Six Months of Travel – A Recap

It’s hard to believe that Mac and I have been traveling for half a year now! Since we left Canada on a cold & snowy day in the beginning of January, we’ve seen & done a LOT! I thought it’d be fun to recap our six months of travel thus far and to see what’s changed since we started!
Numbers Breakdown
Continents: 2 – North & South America

Countries: 7 – Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, […]

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Big Trip Summary & Statistics: Month #6

Half a year. Woah. It’s hard to believe it, but Mac & I have been traveling for over six months now. I’ll be doing a full recap soon, but for now, here’s our stats for month #6.

Numbers Breakdown
Number of Countries: 2 – Peru & Bolivia

Number of Cities/Regions: 7 – Arequipa, Puno, Copacabana, Isla del Sol, La Paz, Sucre, Uyuni & the Salt Flats

Number of Beds Slept In: 9, plus one overnight bus

Number of Border Crossings: […]

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Bolivia Overview & Where to Stay

When Mac & I first started planning our trip, Bolivia wasn’t even on our radar. We had assumed we’d go right from Peru into Chile and skip the country completely. Well, obviously we changed our minds and I’m SO happy we did as Bolivia was an AWESOME country! We started out by visiting the famous Lake Titicaca where we spent a few blissful days relaxing & hiking on Isla del Sol. Afterwards, it was back […]

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Salar de Uyuni

Uyuni, Bolivia
Warning: this post is longggg, and full of pictures. I make no apologies, as it was one of the best experiences we’ve had so far on this trip! It seemed a shame to split it up, so I’ve complied everything into this whopper of a post – I hope you enjoy!

After Sucre, Jo, Eric, Mac & I all took a bus to Uyuni – a tiny little town seemingly in the middle of nowhere, […]

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Sweet Sucre

Sucre, Bolivia
Our first stop after our two-week stint in La Paz was to the quiet little town of Sucre. Situated about one full kilometre below La Paz, Mac & I were more than pleased with the climb in temperature and the ability to breathe!!! Mind you, we were still about 2,600m above sea level, so it’s perfectly acceptable that I got winded while navigating Sucre’s sloping streets… We spent our 3 days in the city […]

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Mount Chacaltaya & Valle de la Luna

La Paz, Bolivia
The city of La Paz is surrounded by mountains. Everywhere you look you can see the familiar white-capped peaks in the distance. One very common activity among travelers is to climb one of the mountains – Huayna Potosi – in a 3 day/2 night trek. Considering this trek involves ice climbing and wearing crampons, Mac & I deemed it a little bit out of our experience range. Instead, we opted to go on […]

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