Hi! I’m Tracey, thanks for reading A Taste of Trace!

About Me

I’m a total foodie & travel-luster and this blog is where I share my adventures in cooking and wanderlust!


I never really got into cooking & baking until after university. Once I discovered Pinterest, a whole world of new & exciting food came into my radar and I was hooked. After months of experimenting under my belt, I started reading & learning about what exactly went into the food I was eating. I slowly made the transition to eating a plant-based diet and I haven’t looked back! Fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, beans & legumes can all be combined to make such wonderful & delicious creations that it’s hard for me to imagine eating any other way!




Aside from my passion for food, I’m also deeply interested in travel. After university, I was fortunate enough to go to Scotland, England, Ireland, Jamaica & Florida and those trips ignited a yearning of wanderlust. I always wanted to take a gap year to travel, but I never thought how to put that idea into action. After several long conversations, my boyfriend Mac and I decided to take the leap make travel a number one priority.

In November 2014, we both quit our jobs; in December 2014, we moved out of our apartment. We booked a one-way ticket to Nicaragua leaving January 2015. I chronicled our journey as we made our way through Central America: Nicaragua, Costa Rica, & Panama. From there, we made the leap to a new continent and traveled through Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, & Chile. Then we made an even BIGGER leap and moved to Auckland, New Zealand! Mac & I spent 6 months working in NZ (on a working holiday visa), before we set out on an epic 3+ month-long road trip of the country.

We returned back to the GTA in July 2016 where we’re now both working and getting used to the non-nomadic lifestyle again…for now!