Now that summer is in full swing, weekends away are quickly being booked up with the inevitable road trip. I’m not a person that deals with sudden hunger pangs well, so having snacks on hand is essential! A few weekends ago we had a 3+ hour long car ride ahead of us, so I spent two hours in the kitchen to whip up these five road trip snacks for the journey. I thought I’d share my process and link the recipes in case anyone else is interested in making some road trip snacks for themselves!

Road Trip Snacks | A Taste of Trace

Road Trip Snacks


1// This Chickpea Flour Quiche recipe is no stranger to the blog. Chickpea flour gets combined with water, seasonings, and veggies to make for a delicious vegan quiche!

2// These Sweet Potato Red Lentil Fritters have long been a favourite of mine. They’re packed with plant protein in the form of red lentils, pumpkin seeds, and hemp hearts. A definite snack to keep you full and satisfied.

Road Trip Snacks | A Taste of Trace

3// Savoury Brown Rice Bars are easy to whip up and have a zippy tang to them making for a nice change-up in the snacking department. (Recipe coming soon!)

Road Trip Snacks | A Taste of Trace

4// These Workout Chocolate Brownies are SO good and super simple to make. They’re sweet without being full of sugar, AND if you bake them using the optional protein powder, they’ll keep you energized all day. (And ready to karaoke to ALL of your favourite car ride songs!)

Road Trip Snacks | A Taste of Trace

5// This Chopped Salad isn’t so much a snack per se, but combined with a tasty dressing it sure makes it easy to get in your greens. Let’s face it, healthy eating isn’t always the number one priority on road trips. With a pre-chopped salad though, you don’t have to worry about skimping on the veggies!

How To

Like I said above, all 5 of these recipes took me about two hours to make. I made them the day before we left on our road trip, but if you don’t have that time to spare, feel free to split them up. Or only make one or two of the recipes! Mac and I eat a lot of food, so I knew that any potential leftovers wouldn’t go to waste.

Cooking all 5 of these road trips snacks at the same time requires some multi-tasking. It also involves a bit of coordination with oven timing, but nothing too complicated.

For my cooking session, I started by cooking the quiche (because it needs the highest oven temperature). While it was cooking, I used the stove top to cook things like the red lentils for the fritters; the rice for the rice bars; while at the same time steaming cubed potatoes for the fritters (efficiency for the win!).

Tell me, what are your go-to road trip snacks? If cooking & baking isn’t your thing, some other favourite road trip snacks of mine are sturdy fruits like apples & oranges, and hummus & pitas!