Life Lately | Summer Beginnings

Summer is here! Can you feel it*?

*It = the immense heat that surrounds you the second you step outside and threatens to burn pale, freckled skin to a crisp.

After weeks of rainy and cloudy days, I’m thrilled that blue skies and relentless sunshine are here at last! Despite how uncomfortably hot the days may be, I say “bring it on!”

The arrival of summer means new experiences and events. Here’s just a glimpse (through my sub-par phone camera lens) of life lately.

Water Activities


Through Mac’s work, we were able to rent kayaks and explore a bit of Lake Ontario! We kayaked under the Skyway Bridge in Burlington and around to the harbour (home of the infamous steel mills and several bird-filled islands apparently).

Life Lately June 2017 | A Taste of Trace

The water was calm and the warm temperatures made for an excellent afternoon in the kayaks. I also got to witness a side of Mac that I don’t get to see very often: total, utter scaredy-pants! It happened when we were paddling near the aforementioned bird islands. The water is a bit shallower there meaning that things like rocks and fish tend to sneak up on you if you’re not paying attention. In this case, a huge fish happened to be swimming right beside Mac’s kayak, which caused Mac to let out a gasp and scream I’ve never heard from him before! The fish splashed away but Mac was left in shock for quite a few minutes afterwards.  I was only able to laugh as hard and as long as I did because the exact same thing happened to me not three minutes earlier (with three fish instead of just one). But because I’m slightly extremely more skittish than Mac, I felt no guilt for indulging in his fright!

Life Lately June 2017 | A Taste of Trace

Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Continuing with the water sports, we also rented some Stand Up Paddle Boards! I’ve long been an admirer of the activity but have never actually done it. Looking at pictures, it doesn’t seem very hard. Just stand on a (very sturdy looking) board and paddle to your hearts content. How hard can it be, right? Wrong.

We got inflatable SUPs which took a good 15+ minutes to inflate by hand. My demise came from the fact that there was just a wee bit too much wind for this scaredy cat to be completely comfortable on the water. Also, why did no one tell me that SUP-ing is actually a full body workout?!

Life Lately June 2017 | A Taste of Trace

After unsuccessfully steering my SUP by standing, and getting more and more unsteady with the (teeny) waves, I lowered to my knees and paddled back to shore. When I finally got out of the worst of the wind, I got back up on my feet only to notice that my legs were actually shaking! Mac had a blast, but I think I’ll stick to kayaking.

Farmers’ Markets

‘Tis the season for Farmers’ Markets! Burlington has two, which combined happen 4 out of 7 days of the week! I’ve written about Centro Market before, but I finally made the time to visit the Burlington Mall Farmers’ Market last week! It’s not as quaint as Centro’s, but there is quite a bit more selection. Most noticeably being the fresh flower stall! Having flowers in the apartment is just the best – they brighten things up so much! This bouquet was $10 and it was worth every penny.

Life Lately June 2017 | A Taste of Trace

Life Lately June 2017 | A Taste of Trace

I also got some rhubarb and strawberries which I’ve already made into rhubarb strawberry jam! And would you believe this – I made it without any added sugar! I just sweetened it with dates and I just love it!

Life Lately June 2017 | A Taste of Trace

Artistic Adventures

Another thing I’ve been up to lately which I don’t think I’ve mentioned on the blog yet, is that I’ve taken up art! More specifically, water colour painting and drawing! (With a little bit of calligraphy thrown in for good measure). I’ve mainly been painting flowers and stuff, but I’ve also really enjoyed painting pictures from our travels. If you’re interested, I made an Instagram account for all of my art!  Here’s a collage of some of my recent ‘works’!

 Life Lately June 2017 | A Taste of Trace

I hope everyone is enjoying the beginning of summer so far! Tell me, what ‘s new in your life lately? And am I the only one not totally enthused by SUP-ing?!