Burlington, ON

Oh! Hey, there! It’s been a while. Sorry about that. I’ve missed blogging and I’m hoping to get back into it on a regular-ish basis from now on. I got caught up in the comparison trap; my photos weren’t ‘blog-worthy’, my ramblings weren’t interesting etc. But I’ve decided that I enjoy having this space to connect with others, and to share interesting tidbits of my life – whether that includes cooking & baking, gardening (more on that soon!), or visiting the first installment of the Centro Garden Market – no matter how (un)posed or carefully curated the photos and posts may be! Here’s to fresh starts! And farmers’ markets. Oh, how I love this market!

Centro Garden Market

Centro Garden Market

The Centro Garden Market runs every Sunday from Mother’s Day through the summer. Centro Garden is a cute store in downtown Burlington bursting with gorgeous florals & succulents, home decor, and so much more. On Sundays in the summer, their back parking lot gets transformed into a Market space for local vendors. I arrived (on my new (old) bicycle!) a little after it opened at 9am and it was already brimming with shoppers! I visited most of the vendors and ended up buying a few things that I’m rather excited about. Check out my haul!

Centro Garden Market

I haven’t had cherry tomatoes in AGES, so when I saw this pint for $3, I couldn’t resist! (I bring reusable produce bags to the market to cut down on waste and give the farmers a chance to reuse their containers! These ones on Amazon are similar). The tomatoes are from Vandenbroek Family Farm and I’m looking forward to seeing what other goodies they have throughout the summer.

Centro Garden Market | Wondering Locavore

The Rhubarb Gin Compote had such a unique and amazing flavour that I couldn’t pass up getting a jar! It’s from The Wondering Locavore. They also had an amazing Caramel Apple Spread that was super tempting. Maybe next time!

Centro Garden Market | Allin Mikuna

I was happy to discover Allin Mikuna at the market. It’s a small business selling dry soup mixes and organic powders. All of their soup mixes are filled with legumes, herbs & spices, and are vegan! You just need to combine the mason jar with water, cook for a few hours, and you have soup for the week. I didn’t get any soup (though I was tempted), but I did buy a sample pack of their ‘organic powders’. The three jars contain powdered carrots & beets; berries; and kale & spinach. The man I spoke with (Sergio) said they’re great for smoothies, granola, salad dressings etc. The sample pack was $12 and all the powders are organic. I can’t wait to start cooking & baking with them!

Centro Garden Market | The Mindfull Kitchen

Finally, I couldn’t resist caving in to my sweet tooth by getting a treat from The Mindfull Kitchen. Ariana was so kind and suggested the Tahini Rice Crispy Square. It was a tough choice – there were loaves, muffins (rocky road!), granola, and bliss balls – but I’m happy I got the square. I LOVE tahini and it worked so well with the crispy rice!

Centro Garden Market | My Tea Brew

Finally, I stopped by the table that was overflowing with teas – My Tea Brew. I’m not much of a tea drinker – I either drink it too fast and burn everything from my tongue all the way down to my stomach, or I forget about it and have cold & bitter tea. But after talking to Donna and smelling the AMAZINGLY delicious Cream Caramel Rooibos tea, I couldn’t pass up buying a bag. Hopefully this dessert-flavoured tea is the secret to curing my tea incompetence. Ha! (After getting home, I realized that there were ‘caramel bits’ in the tea. I’ve emailed My Tea Brew to confirm that it’s vegan. If not, I’ll still be returning to this stall next time because there were other flavours that looked equally delicious!)

Centro Garden Market

Centro Garden Market

I can’t wait to make the Centro Garden Market part of my weekly summer routine! A beautiful bike ride, gorgeous tree-covered streets in quiet neighbourhoods, local business, fresh produce and homemade goods, and delicious treats – can’t get much better than that!