Vegan Supper Club #11

Chelsea and I have many obsessions in common: cooking, reading about food, making food, eating food… most things food related, actually. We also have a big obsession for cookbooks. With so many of our favourite bloggers-turned-cookbook-authors out there now, it’s easy to get carried away establish a refined collection of swoon-worthy cookbooks. It’s also relatively easy to let them collect dust and turn to Pintrest or Instagram for meal ideas instead. That’s why, for the 11th installment of our Vegan Supper Club, we decided to go back to basics and cook some recipes from a few newly acquired cookbooks! (Of note: Chelsea is actually making 2017 her year of cooking from her cookbooks! You can check out her challenge – and subsequent monthly updates – on her blog here!)

Vegan Supper Club #11 | A Taste of Trace

Broccoli Caesar Salad | The First Mess by Laura Wright

Laura Wright is a Niagara-region blogger who runs the blog The First Mess and who recently published a cookbook of the same name offering “Vibrant Plant-Based Recipes to Eat Well Through the Seasons”. Though I haven’t been a follower of her blog for long, her recipes are always beautiful and full of plant-powered goodness.

We decided to make the Broccoli Caesar Salad with Tempeh for our Vegan Supper Club. This recipe is really straight forward: boil/steam broccoli, sauté tempeh in marinade, and make Caesar dressing. The dressing was a breeze to make too – just throw everything in a jar and shake to combine! In the cookbook, Laura uses cashew butter as a base, but because of Chelsea’s nut allergy we used tahini instead. The dressing also has garlic, lemon, mustard, and capers to create a wonderfully zippy Caesar dressing! The tempeh is seasoned with paprika, tamari/soy sauce, and maple syrup which makes it smoky & oh so wonderful atop a bed of cooked, bright green broccoli.

Vegan Supper Club #11 | A Taste of Trace

This salad was such a winner & I couldn’t wait for leftovers the next day. If When I make this again, I’d probably steam the tempeh before adding the marinade and sautéing it. I find there to be a slight bitter flavour with tempeh that often becomes subtler when steamed. Otherwise, this dish is a total winner and makes a great component to any meal. I bet that chickpeas could even be subbed for the tempeh if it’s not your thing!

Jewelled Rice | Naturally Nourished by Sarah Britton

Sarah runs a blog called My New Roots which features eye-catching vegetarian dishes. Naturally Nourished is her second cookbook which showcases “Healthy Delicious Meals made with Everyday Ingredients”.

To accompany our Broccoli Caesar salad, we opted to make her Jewelled Rice with Warming Spices & Dried Fruit. This was a one-pot meal which is super appealing. First, the warming spices are toasted to bring out their aromas, then some onion, orange rind, carrots, and dried fruit get added to soak up the fragrances. Finally, the basmati rice gets thrown in with some water and the dish simmers until the rice is cooked & fluffy and fully infused with flavour. The dish is finished with chopped, fresh herbs, as well as some toasted almonds.

Vegan Supper Club #11 | A Taste of Trace

Chelsea and I both really liked this rice! It’s fancy-looking without being a hassle to prepare. The spices played well with each other and the dried fruit, fresh herbs, and orange zest really brightened it up.

Sticky Toffee Pudding from Oh She Glows

Okay, okay, this recipe technically isn’t from a cookbook. But considering we had already devoted another Vegan Supper Club entirely to Angela’s latest cookbook, I feel like we’re off the hook for our final (and favourite) course: dessert! We had both been eyeing this dessert for a while, so when Chelsea suggested making it, I practically jumped out of my chair with excitement! You guys, it’s sticky toffee pudding!!

The recipe was fairly easy to make, and the result was UNREAL. Once it’s finished baking, the cake gets poked with holes which get filled with a sugary, dreamy toffee sauce. We served this with some Coconut Bliss ice cream for a dessert that is one for the books. I didn’t get a picture of the cake because we were too busy savouring each and every bite. Trust me on this, this recipe is a winner and one you won’t regret making! (In fact, I’ve already remade it myself!)

Vegan Supper Club #11 | A Taste of Trace

I know I said this last time, but it’ll be hard to top this latest Vegan Supper Club!