CSA Box #9 | February 15

More winter equals more root veggies (even though the ever-fluctuating temperatures don’t make it seem like winter)! This week’s CSA Box was filled with tubers and squash galore, with a few hot house greens in there to brighten things up.

Week 9 Haul:

CSA Box #10 | A Taste of Trace

Item Breakdown:

  • Living summer lettuce
  • 9 shiitake mushrooms
  • Living cress
  • 1 butternut squash
  • 6 beets
  • 5 sweet potatoes
  • 10 white onions (or shallots?!)
  • 5 potatoes

Total: 8 items

Week 8 Recipes & Meals:

I used a bunch of the cabbage from Week 8 in the Super Slaw from Chelsea’s & my latest vegan supper club. And because cabbage is the vegetable that never ends, I still have some kicking around in my fridge. I’ve been using it in salads whenever I can, but it’s still hanging on! I never got around to making sauerkraut, but there will be other cabbages for that!

Super Slaw - Vegan Supper Club | A Taste of Trace

I used some of the carrots, sweet potatoes, white potatoes, and turnip, in a curry stew of sorts inspired by an Oh She Glows recipe for spice lentil soup. The stoup (as I’m calling it – stew + soup), was packed with red lentils, warming spices, and in my case, heaps of veggies. It was delicious and perfect for these random cold snaps we’ve been having!

Week 9 Recipes & Plans:

Butternut Squash: It’s been ages since I’ve made chili, but I’m thinking some cubed BNS would pair fabulously with some good ol’ fashioned chili. There’s a recipe for chili in the first Thug Kitchen cookbook that looks delicious!

Sweet Potatoes: What’s chili without cornbread? A friend recently leant me her Eat to Live cookbook by Dr. Joel Fuhrman that has a recipe for cornbread with sweet potato in it. I’m thinking it would perfectly complement my chili!

Potatoes: I still haven’t used up all of my potatoes from my last CSA Box, so I’m thinking I’ll have to do a big potato roast and use them in bowls (my Mix n Match dinner bowls would be perfect!)

Beets: Ashley from Blissful Basil has a fantastic-looking chocolate cake that features beets that I’m just dying to whip up! Hidden veggies? Sign me up!

Do you have a go-to chili recipe? Are you a fan of hidden veggies in baked goods?? (spoiler alert: I 100% am!!)