Things to See in Chefchaouen – The Blue Pearl of Morocco

Chefchaouen, Morocco Just a few hours away from the Imperial Cities of Fez and Meknes is a small town called Chefchaouen. In Berber, this means “look at the horns” (or peaks) – referring to the ridge of the Rif Mountains that encircle the city. Although said mountains are lovely to look at, Chefchaouen is famous for another reason. It’s blue. I’m not talking about a few doors and windows, or maybe the odd potted plant, [...]

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Imperial Cities of Morocco | Marrakech, Fez, Meknes

It should be fairly obvious to a seasoned reader of this blog that Mac and I are not huge city people. Given the amount of hiking we like to do, we feel that spending time outside in nature far trumps the chaos that is found in big city streets. That being said, we do sprinkle our travels with periods of city visits. Our time in Africa’s northwest corner was a prime example of this. We [...]

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February 2019 – Travel Summary and Statistics

Month #10 – Travel Summary Though February is a short month, Mac and I certainly managed to cram quite a few activities into its 28 days! We started off the month in the bustling city of Marrakech. Two days here were enough for us and we quickly retreated to the countryside and mountains. The highlight of the month for me was hiking Mount Toubkal – Morocco’s highest mountain. The views from the 4167m summit were [...]

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Monkeying Around in Azrou

Azrou, Morocco Just south of Fez is a small town called Azrou. It’s situated beside the slightly more famous ski-town of Ifrane (the Switzerland of Morocco). The word ‘Azrou’ means ‘big rock’, and while there actually is a big hill-like rock in town, Azrou is more commonly known for its surrounding forests and rolling hills. The most renowned is Cedre Gouraud – a large cedar forest just east of the city center. It also happens [...]

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Hiking Toubkal | Morocco’s Highest Mountain

Imlil, Morocco Our first two weeks in Morocco were spent enjoying a variety of different landscapes. We went from the coast to the desert and later through the gorges – each of these places were so diverse and so beautiful. Now, it was time to see the mountains. The High Atlas Mountain Range curves southwest from Marrakech towards the coast. The highest mountain in this range (and the highest peak in all of Northern Africa) [...]

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Hiking Morocco’s Gorges

Morocco is home to some wild and incredible landscapes. From beaches, forests, mountains, and deserts, this country really has it all. Mac and I settled down for some good old fashioned exploring and adventuring in the gorges region of Morocco. Just north of the Draa Valley, and a few hours east of Ouarzazate, the small towns of Boumalne Dades and Tinghir are the gateways to the incredible natural Moroccan wonders. We based ourselves in this [...]

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Exploring Kasbahs in the Draa Valley

Draa Valley, Morocco Named after the snaking, long river in southern Morocco, the Draa Valley winds from Ouarzazate south-east, then west towards the sea. As Morocco’s longest river (1100km), it’s used for agriculture irrigation and provides water for nearly 25 villages along its length. Following our desert excursion near Tagounite, Mac and I headed north and ended up exploring kasbahs in the Draa Valley. What’s a kasbah?, you ask? A kasbah is a fortified home [...]

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Moroccan Desert Excursion

Tagounite, Morocco Our Moroccan desert excursion just outside Tagounite was rather serendipitous. A CouchSurfing host we had contacted in Agadir was actually not on the coastal town, but in the Sahara with his family. Following the Moroccan hospitality we had encountered in Agadir, this host offered us a place to stay with his family in the small Sahara town of Tagounite. So, Mac and I hopped on our first (and easily our last) overnight bus [...]

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